The Rock Pop Cartoon Spectacle DOG STORIES

DOG STORIES (The Adventures of RubberDog) is a Rock Pop Cartoon Spectacle

This project is a mixture of musical, cabarett, slapstick and modern dance, presented in
a charming, thatratical form. Costumes and stage design transformed into a cartoonesque

DOGSTORIES (go to Info-Downloads to the left) tells us the story about a little dog called RubberDog, who grows up at a farm and falls in love with the cow from the meddow.

But love making between Cow and Dog, that doesn‘t work out and so RubberDog runs into the big city to find adventures and ecperiences there.

In the city he quickly finds out that life here is fast, superficial, and loveless.

In the end he runs back to his Cow. Here the dog hut opens up wide, white light comes
streaming out, Rubberdog takes Cow by her hoof and together they waggle into the light (Nirvana).

Doesn‘t everybody have a little RubberDog inside him?

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Tracklist - Dog Stories


Track 1
Classical Intro, Intro with barking of dogs ...

Track 2
Introduction through a narrator. He starts the story of a little dog...?Narrator: „Dear Doggie Mummies and Daddies out there ...“

Track 3
„RubberDog“ Rocksong with Dance-elements. The text is a short cut about the adventures of „RubberDog“.

Track 4
The narrator tells us about RubberDog‘s life at the country side. Here he gets to know a cow.

Track 5
„I‘m A Cow“: A funny Dance-Pop song with Ragga-elements.? The text is pure nonsense. It‘s about what it‘s like to be a cow.

Track 6
RubberDog falls in love with a cow and sings a song for her ...

Track 7
„Milk Of Love“ is a „R‘ & B song. The lyrics are about sex.

Track 8
After this RubberDog tries to find his experiences in the big city. Here he quickly finds out that the city‘s life is quite different to life at the countryside.

Track 9
„Upside Down“ ... A Pop 2-Step Garage-Pop song. The lyrics tell us about the twisted world we are living in.

Track 10
„RubberDog“ sees a woman who looks at a TV show with a Latino singer. All of a sudden RubberDog hears some strange voices of the woman‘s „Brain“ and „Body“ ...

Track 11
„Once A Lifetime“ is a Latin-Dance-Popsong talking about the beauty of our world.

Track 12
RubberDog comes up to a beer tent. Here he hears two shoes talking with eachother.? Song „I‘m A Shoe“: A Disco song in the style of the 70ies telling us what it is like to be a shoe ...

Track 13
RubberDog gets to know a philosophy student and hears his voices of „Brain“ and „Body“.

Track 14
„Brain fart“ A sketch about Brain and body who always fight with each other.

Track 15
Uptempo-Pop song called „Knowledge“: Critic about our world's thurst on knowledge.

Track 16
RubberDog follows the student into a Whysky bar ...

Track 17
„The Bridge“: A Popsong taken from Kafka‘s story „The Bridge“: Here the student talks about his broken heart.

Track 18
The philosophy student and RubberDog leave the bar as the student gets involved in a whore. RubberDog saves the student from the whore.

Track 19
„Brain and Body“: A Rock-song in the style of the 80ies.

Outro zu "Brain&Body" Brain: "Weißt du was?..."

Track 20
The student takes RubberDog home with him. Here he falls asleep in the bath top. His Brain and Body start talking again ...

Track 21
„Brain and Body“ sitting in the bath top ...

Track 22
Rubberdog jumps out of the window and runs into a park. Here he finds a crazy woman. He listens to her dreams telling about her past ...

Track 23
"Little Blue Babies" Ein Rocksong im Stile der 70iger-Jahre mit Elementen aus den Achtzigern. Im Text wird Kritik an unserer Lieblosigkeit geübt.

Track 24
RubberDog runs up to a child, thinking that he can find something positive here to learn about us human beings ...

Track 25
„The teddy“: A bitter sweet ballade about the „love“ between the girl and her teddy

Track 26
RubberDog is dissapointed what he hears here. He then gets in contact with a ghost who tells him about how lovely his life was as he was still alive ...

Track 27
„Time“ A positive Pop song about the ghost‘s life.

Track 28
The ghost gives RubberDog another example about how life can be.

Track 29
„The Big fat Worm called Loneliness“: A Jazz song telling about the loneliness between a married couple.

Track 30
RubberDog leaves the city to go back to the country side.

Track 31
„Living In A Big Cartoon“: A Rock song telling us about us human beings and our lifestyle.

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